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Edgemarc Troubleshooting

If you run into any issues along the way in your deployment of your Edgemarc, we are likely going to need a few things in order to support you better. These include both packet captures and ALG logs. These can be obtained following the below steps.

1. Ensure the SSH client you're using is configured for logging, and to save the log to a file. Then open a SSH connection to the Edgemarc. We generally recommend using Putty unless you have a favorite.

2. You are going to need to SSH into your unit. If this is your first time SSHing to the unit, the default password is shift+2345678109 or @#$%^&*!)(

The unit will require you to change the password on first login.

3. Create the ramdisk, if one does not already exist:
-Type: mkdir /var/ramdisk
-Type: mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /var/ramdisk -o size=16000k

4. Run the following commands to start the PCAPs:
-Type: tcpdump -s0 -nei eth1 port 5060 or port 5061 -w /var/ramdisk/eth1.pcap &
-Type: tcpdump -s0 -nei eth0 port 5060 or port 5061 -w /var/ramdisk/eth0.pcap &

5. Run the following commands to start the ALG Logs:
-Type: mandctl log 0x19

6. Replicate issue.

7. Now stop the ALG logs:
-Type: mandctl log 0

8. Stop tcpdump:
-Type: killall tcpdump

9. Exit your SSH client.

10. If on Windows: using WinSCP, download the PCAPs from the device. If on a non-Windows OS, use whatever application or resource to open an SCP connection and download the captures.

11. Send the client log and PCAPs to us.

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