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Edgemarc Default Passwords

There is a possibility of having 2 default passwords on an Edgemarc, depending upon where the unit was sourced from.

If your unit was shipped from 888VoIP, we generally pre allocate the unit to your collection in Edgeview V15. This requires us to log into the unit at time of shipment and set a few configuration parameters. This does require us to change the password. 

We set the default password to Root1! in this case.

If the unit is factory reset the default password is default

The default SSH password is @#$%^&*!)(   (shift+2345678109)

The default user is always root for both SSH and the GUI.

Additionally, when adding a unit to Edgeview V15, Edgeview will now set a random password for both the GUI and SSH, this is done for security reasons. These can be changed after addition by doing the following.

1) Navigate to the following page in your device view in Edgeview.

2) From here select the change passwords as highlighted. You'll have 3 options. you'll generally want to set the root password and GUI user root password settings.

3) There are minimum requirements, you'll need a capital letter and character for it to save your changes.

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